Because lone worker safety counts.

Safety that exceeds the requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act.

SafeMotion products

SafeMotion: Reliable, user-friendly, versatile

The user-friendly security system for lone workers offers wearables, sophisticated alerting systems, location services, both outdoors and indoors, and a 24/7 alerting center.


Professional 4G (LTE) watch that combines safety features and ergonomics for lone workers


The strap turns the watch into a pendant for those whose job does not allow them to wear a watch.

Smartphone App

Application for lone workers with company-owned smartphones: The SafeMotion app in combination with the Bluetooth alarm button transforms the smartphone into a safety tool for lone workers.


The SafeMotion safety ecosystem has been developed over years based on user experience. It therefore only contains functions that are essential for occupational safety. This promotes acceptance in everyday working life. System availability on diverse devices, including smartphones, facilitates SafeMotion implementation. Below you will find a list of the most important functions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

24/7 SOS alerting to monitoring centers

The flexibility in creating alert chains allows them to be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Chains can be private and involve only the employer's resources, or they can include SOS alerts and warnings - alerts sent directly to monitoring centers, which are usually available 24/7.

Alarm / Warning

When entering a danger zone or identifying suspicious operations, an employee can send an alert to pass on important information. These are only evaluated by the monitoring center if an SOS alarm is activated as a result.

Fall / SOS 24/7 immobility detection

If no movement of the worker is detected for a certain period of time, the alarm device automatically triggers an alarm to indicate a possible fall, unconsciousness or other accident.

Case / SOS 24/7 time detection

In dangerous situations, the system enables a discreet alarm. The watch does not emit a sound when the alarm is triggered. It vibrates every ten seconds; the monitoring center (ARC) listens in real time to assess the situation and coordinate appropriate assistance.

SOS Alarm / Silent Alarm
in case of emergency

In dangerous situations, the system allows an unobtrusive alarm. The watch remains silent when the alarm is activated. It vibrates at ten-second intervals; the monitoring center (ARC) listens in live to assess the situation and organize necessary assistance.

Group alarm

If an SOS alarm is triggered by a member of the work group, other group members who also use the safety devices are immediately informed about the incident.

Working time & attendance

Employees can record the start and end of work by specifying their position. For outdoor activities, tracking is primarily done via GPS, triangulation, geofencing or beacons. For indoor tracking, the nearest WLAN points are used.

Security Bypass

Various technologies such as beacon/Wi-Fi detection, geofencing, triangulation, GPS and CTT have been used to develop an accurate and reliable checkpoint system. Because of the system flexibility, safety rounds are accurate and efficient. All tour routes and checkpoints are documented in the report.

Dial-up connections

Unlimited incoming calls can be received with the watch. In addition, outgoing calls to up to three pre-programmed contacts are possible.

Our services


Alarms for lone workers, phone apps, and administrative web portal with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

24/7 Center Alarm Monitoring

24/7 alarm monitoring with a service process tailored to the individual needs of the customer

Business support services

We offer comprehensive training in the operation and adaptation of the systems to the specific requirements of the user and provide support in every situation.

Market & Applications


In many cases, productive activities require working alone, such as in confined or potentially hazardous environments. Such environmental factors necessitate appropriate safety measures. Continuous monitoring of presence or inactivity increases the safety and confidence of the employee.


Construction workers are heavily affected by occupational accidents, both in the building materials industry and directly on construction sites. Working at height is a major cause of serious accidents. A fall alarm with motion detection helps to minimize the risk in case of serious threat or unconsciousness of an employee.

Logistics & Transport

In logistics, including transport and storage, there are risks from traffic accidents and stacking operations. A self-triggering alarm for seated persons provides important information that can be checked if necessary or used for rescue measures.


Flexibility in setting up checkpoints enables smooth security rounds and reliable results. Checkpoints can be created via BLE beacons, geofencing, or indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots. Security personnel can visibly or discreetly scan checkpoints, send advance warnings, and trigger emergency SOS alerts. SafeMotion is therefore ideal for organizations concerned with physical and property security.


In many cases, people work alone in small workshops, gas stations, kiosks or stores without remote or direct monitoring. They are exposed to both personal and various environmental risks. A security system that can silently alert by means of a watch or pendant, for example, helps to effectively counter daily dangers.

Maintenance services

Network service providers, regardless of the type of network they support, often perform their work in the field. For these lone workers, the ability to quickly raise an alarm and call for help in an emergency is critical. This need extends to nearly all field service employees who work off-site.

Administration / public service

For example, in the area of snow removal: Due to the seasonal nature of these services, they are usually performed by external companies. In order to be able to check the reliability of these service providers, documentation of the start and end of work at the respective work sites is required. The "Book On/Off" function enables real-time monitoring of the work in progress.

Social Work

Social workers and geriatric caregivers are often exposed to violence and aggression during home visits. To provide better protection for these lone workers, SafeMotion provides emergency call and emergency assistance functions.

Hotel industry

Hotels are usually well secured to provide guests with a pleasant stay. Hotel management, which attaches great importance to staff safety, invests heavily in alarm systems to ensure the safety of staff on night shifts in particular.


Presentation request

For those interested, ilogs offers an online system presentation. This consists of PowerPoint slides explaining the basics of SafeMotion, as well as demonstrations of the administrator portal, guard/helper portal and mobile application. We also provide information on available devices, implementation procedures, training options, and customer service. After signing a trial contract, we offer two weeks of free access to the trial version of the system.

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